Day light savings sucks

I have a question to pose. Have you ever seen a fat surfer? I was thinking about this today while out in the water. I am not saying that fat people can’t do it, its more the idea that it is such hard work that you get skinny fast.

Because of surfing I have lost a bunch of weight. I look like I am a senior in high school all over again. I also think traveling has a lot to do with it. I am not sure how eating badly, drinking too much, and all around doing less than I would at home could make me lose weight, but it does. Both Kristen and I have lost weight and I feel like we spend a whole mess of time laying on the beach.

Way to go Butler and making it to the NCAA Championship game again and then losing again. I got to see a few games, but missed the final because of good surf. From what I heard it was a rather dull game anyway. I did terribly in all of my brackets. On ESPN in my best bracket I placed 2586091 and in the friends league I placed 300 out of 341. It was a poor showing this year. This confirms what I already know, I can’t quit my day job to blog about how amazing I am at picking brackets. It was hard picking without the 24/7 media coverage in the US. Here in Australia you are more likely to see a game of net ball or cricket than get some men’s NCAA basketball tournament coverage. So I could have made some changes with a bit of research, but what the hell there is always next year.

Last week Kristen and I experienced something new and quite strange. We have becomes friends with the dj that plays at Kristen’s bar. He was participating in a charity event and everyone we know from Kristen’s work was going. Kristen was much more excited about it than me. The event was what is called a “Silent Disco”. When you walk in the door you are handed headphones that have two different channels on them. You can flip between the channels to decide which music you like better. The different channels are different djs spinning their mix of tunes. It was the strangest thing I have ever seen. You are standing in a totally quiet bar where all these people are dancing and having a great time, but there is no sound. It was very strange at first, but once you got into the music it became pretty cool. Salmon (our friend) was definitely the more popular dj when he was spinning. The other thing I forgot to mention is that you can see what everyone is listening to because the headsets have a light on them that changes color when you change the channel. It is really cool to look around and see what people are listening to. It is quite a strange scene and is hard to really put in words. If you ever get a chance to see on or participate I recommend it because it is such a unique experience. I am really glad I got to experience it and this is definitely something I would have not done back home. I guess I should thank Kristen for forcing me to go to.

We made the switch to short days and long nights here. It now gets dark at 6 and its only going to get worse. I really hate when this happens, it makes work so much harder. It is easy when you work all night then it gets dark and you are almost done. It is much harder when you get to work then it gets dark. Every night drags on and really feels like an eternity. I had a 3.5 hour shift last night and it felt like at least double that. I am not looking forward to winter here. I am glad we are going to be on the move again and heading North. Hopefully the weather will stay warm and the days will be longer up there.

Since I got my new board I feel like I have been in surf training. I have been surfing hard at least once every day since. I have heard over the next few weeks the waves triple in size. They are going to get big and stay big for the most part. I thought some of the waves I have seen so far were big, I can only imagine what it will be like when they are actually big. I just hope they are big and fun not big and scary, there is a difference.

Hope everyone is enjoying more day light back home. Now I am jelouse because you guys are going to have summer and I get winter. I am really enjoying this endless summer thing

he needs a larger than normal barrel

I hope the surfer won


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  1. that surfer v. shark picture is UNREAL!!! do you think its computer generated?? and youre welcome for forcing you to do fun stuff 🙂

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